Acknowledgements To all the lovely people we met on our travels - you’re wonderful, especially the two swedish ladies who donated to Little Dai Appeal just because they saw her parked in Umea Thank you to our commercial sponsors Brittany Ferries and Lloyds Pharmacy To all our financial sponsors that have contributed to our Little Dai Appeal,  thank you - your support is truly appreciated Thanks must go to the wonderful engineers at Diahatsu, little did they know 16 years ago that they were building a remarkable little machine - now forever called - Little Dai I don’t want to sound too sentimental, but the biggest thanks goes to my travelling companion, my son, Peter, without his initial suggestion and tireless support, before and during this journey, it just wouldn’t have happened - we did good son! A quick thanks to: James Blunt, Pink Floyd, The Mamas and Papas, Coldplay, Xavier Rudd, their beautiful music kept us going & many others
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You can still support us,      just press the logo Also a quick note of appreciation to my mechanic friend, Steve Baimbridge,  he prepared Little Dai for her journey - a gifted man Thanks too, to the British Heart Foundation - keep up the good work!