Why? Initially Peter suggested to me, phoning from Australia, that we should travel to Ulan Bator (outer Mongolia) A good plan, but really we felt that was so last year - seriously the visas would have cost a fortune! I came up with the stunning idea of driving to Vladivostok - oops Russians not interested and visa issues So - a long journey, visiting places not visited before, no visa issues and where people all speak English Europe! I thought to myself (always dangerous) if we’re doing this why not raise some money for charity Enter British Heart Foundation - my father died when he was 47 years old and I had a heart attack when I was 39 years old Why a small van like Little Dai? Easy to answer that one!  Why not, no challenge in a large motorhome (I want to stress that ever penny raised has gone to the BHF, Peter and I totally funded the cost of the trip ourselves) Cheers! Nazdrave Saute Skal Terviseks Kippis Saude Zivjeli Prieka Beifall Noroc Proost
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